If you have reached this page, and you were a SpinSite customer, let me start by thanking you for being our customer over the years. Unfortunately we were forced to close for a variety of reasons. Every attempt was made to let everyone know well in advance, to give everyone a chance to move to something else. Here’s what happened:

  • In June of 2018, we lost the ability to charge customer’s credit cards

  • In October of 2018 the first e-mail was sent to all administrators from all sites that we were closing January 11, 2019

  • November 6, another e-mail was sent to everyone who hadn’t responded, both e-mails said that any sites with no response would be blocked

  • November 20 all customers who hadn’t responded were blocked

  • Jan 11, 2019 all remaining sites were blocked

Since SpinSite was an interactive builder, all site content was stored in database files. Therefore, now that the servers have been shut down, there is no longer a way to access those sites. We never handled domain names directly, so you should still be able to point your domain somewhere else. If you purchased your domain through a link on our site, then it was purchased from Premium Domains: https://www.secureserver.net/?prog_id=263105, or you call call them at 480-624-2500

Otherwise, you can do a “whois” search on your domain name in order to figure out who you bought it from.

Recommended Website Builders:

  • squarespace.com

  • weebly.com

  • wix.com

  • GoDaddy has a new one

Good luck!