I'm new to websites and the Internet; how does it all work?

Once you understand the basics, it's not complicated at all. Below are easy-to-understand definitions of website terminology.

  • Website: A website is your "home" on the Internet.
  • URL: Is an address on the Internet, and it includes your Domain Name. For instance your URL on the Internet could be http://www.MySite.com or http://www.MySite.net, etc..,
  • Hosting: This is your "rent" for being on the Internet. You cannot have a website on the Internet without it being hosted. SpinSite hosts all of our website customers automatically.

How can SpinSite get me on the Internet?

SpinSite provides you with a basic foundation for your home on the Internet. It's a starting point that you can edit to meet your specific needs. Our themes are customizable - you can add your own logo, photos and text to your site, as well as change the body of the site to add more columns and rows & change background colors.

We also provide you with a free SpinSite url (http://my.SpinSite.com/yoursite) or you can purchase your own domain name (http://www.YourSite.com) from SpinSite. Included in the SpinSite package is the hosting (rent) for the Internet. We provide you with everything you need to have your site up and running within the hour.

Why is SpinSite different than other web builders?

Because our software is "on line", you don't have to install any software on your computer. You can make changes to your site as many times as you like (including changing the theme) at no additional charge. All changes are made directly in your Internet Browser from any Internet connected computer.

Many companies only offer hosting or domain names. They simply offer space on their computers, onto which you copy your completed website. Some hosts throw in a website template as an afterthought. With a template, you are restricted as to content placement, background color, and site layout.

SpinSite specializes in website building. With SpinSite, you are free to customize your site - you can place images, video, and text where you want. You can select background colors and themes.

Another great aspect of SpinSite is that our software is online; whenever we add additional features you receive the benefit immediately without having to pay for an expensive upgrade or the newest version.

Your SpinSite website service is provided at a flat monthly rate, with no hidden fees, and can be cancelled at any time. It includes online software use, your website, hosting, url & our outstanding Customer Service. We offer a 60-day guarantee - if you aren't satisfied with your website, we'll refund your entire payment. With SpinSite, you can have a website up and running within the hour for less than the cost of lunch!

Can your company design my website for me?

Yes. Our design team can do all of the design work for you. We will also train you so that you can make ongoing changes to keep your site up-to-date after that. Click here for more information.