Frequently Asked Questions

SpinSite Features : What is the procedure for using the Threaded Discussion Forum?
To View a Message In A Thread
If you are viewing a list of Thread Titles, click on the title for the thread you would like to read. The messages are displayed in the order that they are received with the newest message on top.

To Add A Message To A Thread
Visitors need to Register as users on their first visit and then Sign In on all future visits if they want to gain access to posting on the forums.

Go to the page that displays the message(s) for the thread in which you would like to add a comment. On the left hand side of the page and under the last Thread Title you will find an Add a New Message link. Click this link and you will be taken to a New Forum Message page. Enter your desired title and message and then click Add Message.

To Add A Discussion Forum
Click on the Add Page button that appears as the last button in your Secondary Navigation Menu Bar . The Add a Page window will open allowing you to select the Add a Discussion Forum Page by clicking on the New Discussion Page icon. This action will open the Add Discussion Group screen where you will enter a new Discussion Title.