Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Your SpinSite Website: Am I able to create a link that goes to another part of the same page?
You can do more than just link to other web sites and images. If you name what is called an anchor tag at a specific place within a page (at the start of a section, for instance) you can specify that exact location in a link.

The named anchor effectively becomes a subaddress within the webpage. You will need to name the attribute of the tag to be the same value in order for them to link together.

The Origin

Click "Add Content" > "Add Text"

When the Text Editor comes up, type in what you'd like visitors to see when they click.  For example "Top of Page"

This will be the "Origin", the link that visitors will click on to get to the "Destination".

Click the disc icon at the upper left of the Text Editor to save and return to your site.

The Destination

Navigate to where you'd like your link to go and click "Options" and "Modify".  In the text editor, place your cursor where you'd like your anchor and click the anchor.  Name your anchor something to do with the location of where it's going.  Example: Top of Page.

This will be the "Destination". In other words, this will be the point where it will go to once the link is clicked.

Finally, go back down to the "Origin" and click "Options" and "Modify".  With the text in the editor, highlight the "Origin" and click the link button.  When the link properties appears, pulldown the "Protocal" menu and choose "Other".  Then type in "#name of anchor" without the quotes.  Click "Ok" and save in the editor to test out your new anchor.