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Using SpinSite: What if I click a button, and nothing happens? (popup blocker issues)
There are a variety of popup windows in SpinSite that will fail to open if you have a popup blocker installed on your system. You don't need to completely delete your popup blockers, but you can configure them so that they won’t prevent SpinSite from working properly.

The tricky thing about popup blockers is that many of them can be installed on your system from different programs. This can make it difficult to find them all in order to configure them. This article will describe the typical places that you will find popup blockers, and how to configure them.

Internet Explorer has a popup blocker built in. In order to configure it, choose “Internet Options” from the Tools menu. Click on the Privacy tab. If the “Block pop-ups” is checked, then you can click the “Settings” button and add your website to the Allowed sites list.

The Google Toolbar (or other third part toolbars that show up at the top of your browser window) has a button at the top, which will have a number and the word “blocked”. While you are looking at your website, you can click on the word “blocked” and it will adjust to say “Popups okay”.

If you have Norton Internet Security installed, you will find a blue-green world icon in your system tray (on the right side of your Windows task bar). You can double-click on the tray icon, or run Norton Internet Security from the start menu, or from an icon on your desktop. Click on “Ad Blocking”, then click the configure button on the right. Uncheck “Turn on Popup Window Blocking”.

In addition to these typical locations, there are other applications that you might have installed a program that also block popup windows. Usually these programs are related to Internet security in some way (like the program Ad-Aware for example). In order to find these programs, you can go to your control panel and double-click the “Add-Remove Programs” icon. This will present you with a list of programs that you have installed on your machine. As you look through the list, make note of any programs that have to do with security. Then find these programs in your start menu, and determine whether they contain a popup blocker. You can look through all of the options, or refer to the online help for the program.

In addition, you can visit the following website to see if you have a pop-up blocker installed without your knowledge:  PopUpTest