Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Your SpinSite Website: How can I have a site visitor click on a small image and have a larger version of the image appear?
1. Log in to your site and click "Edit" on the site toolbar.

2. Click the "Uploads" button on the toolbar.

3. Upload the image you would like to have on your site by clicking the "import image from your hard drive" button.

4. The File Upload window will open with five fields with "Browse" buttons next to them. click the "Browse" button and then choose the image you wish to have on your site.

5. Once you have selected an image, the file Upload window wil appear again. Click the "Upload Now" button. When the window refreshes, click the "Done" button.

6. The Uploads Library will appear again and you will see the image you want to use. Click on the new image and it will come up full size in a new window.

7. Now you will need to copy the image URL. On a PC, right click on the image and choose "Properties" and then copy the "Address URL" by highlighting it and then pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard. On a Mac, press Ctrl and click on the image and choose "Copy Image Address".

8. Now that you have the image URL copied you can go back to the page where the smaller image will appear, and then click the "Add Content" button and choose "Add Image".

9. From here you will be choosing the image you want to link to the larger image.

10. A new window should pop up with the image inside it. Resize the image by selecting it.   Click and drag on one of the small squares that are now around the image and size it down.
11. Click on the world icon with the chain in front of it.  A new window will pop up. Paste the URL you copied in step 7 in the "URL" field. On a PC, press Ctrl+V on your keyboard On a Mac, press Apple+V The field will be filled in with something like this: http://my.spinsite.com/yoursitename/uploads/image.jpg

12. Now you can configure the image to open in the same window, a new window, or in a custom pop up window, by clicking on the "Target" tab, and in the "Target" pull down menu. Once you have decided, click "OK" on the "Link" window.

13. Now, when a site visitor clicks on the small image on your page, a larger version of the image will appear.