Pre-Purchase FAQ's

SpinSite Service: Is it possible to allow others to view or edit pages on my site?
Yes. All versions of SpinSite will allow you to grant site-wide administrative access to one or more users (this will allow them to add, modify or delete any content on your site). The creator of the site has the final say about who will be able to have administration privileges.

The Platinum edition will allow you to grant view and/or edit rights to non-administrative users for individual pages. Here are some examples:
  • You can give out a generic password to a group of people to give them instant access to pages that the general public doesn't see.
  • You can create pages for your clients. When each of your clients logs into your website, the page that you created for them (that can contain project work, documents, etc.) appears on the menu.
  • There are many applications for assigning edit rights to individual pages. You may have one or more pages on the site that you would like someone else to be responsible for. Or you might want to give a number of people edit rights to their own pages. The great thing about this feature, is that you don't need to give users site-wide access...so they can't change pages that they haven't been given rights to.