What is a Spintranet?

Most large companies have an internal website that is only accessible to employees.  This type of site is called an "Intranet".  Intranets are an electronic center for information.  Now, smaller businesses can also take advantage of an internal website, by making a "Spintranet"!

Creating a Spintranet

A Spintranet is a password protected website, so you create one the same way you would create a SpinSite website.  Once you have created your SpinSite, you can click on the Options button in the Site Toolbar, and then scroll down and checkmark "Enable Spintranet Security".  Then, as the site administrator, you can control who has access to the site, as well as who can add/edit content on a page by page basis.

What the Spintranet can be Used For

  • Use the main page as a "Company News Page" to keep everyone up to date on what is happening within the company.
  • Create a Human Resources menu  -  then add any number of HR pages to hold all of the pertinent company information that is important for employees to refer to.  In addition, you can upload word processing documents, spreadsheets, and adobe .pdf files to your site, and place these files on your HR pages to be immediatley downloaded with a click.
  • Automate internal company forms!  This is a GREAT FEATURE.  SpinSite makes it easy to create a data collection form.  So why not automate internal data collection?  For example, you could create a custom expense report in minutes, and collect all of the information that you need. (Any page on a SpinSite can collect data...you can drop fields, multiple choice questions, and submit buttons anywhere!)
  • You can make one or more internal discussions (by adding discussion forum pages).  This is a very flexible feature.  An example of one main company-wide discussion would have topics like: "Sales & Marketing", "Product Development" and "Administration".  You could also create project specific discussions.  You can even create multiple discussions in your Spintranet.
  • You can have specific employees create a "Blog".  A weblog is an online "diary".  This is ideal for workers who need to keep track of their activities to let others know what they are up to.  This is not simply for the hourly worker, it could also be for any number of key people who can now keep others "in the loop" with their activities.
  • Create a file exchange area.  Since you can upload different types of files to your spinsite, you can create one or more file swap pages where users can easily pass files to one another.  They can simply drop a file download object on a page, and upload the file.  These files can now be downloaded with a mouse click by others.
  • You can create a company bulletin board page, where employees can post ride sharing messages, etc.

How Does it Work?

Once the site is a "Spintranet", it will now require a valid user name and password to log in.  Users gain access by registering on the site.  When they register, an e-mail is automatically sent to the site administrator.  This e-mail contains two links, one to accept the users registration, the other to deny access.  Once a user has been granted access, they can now log into the spintranet and navigate around the site.  At this point they don't have any access to change anything on the pages.

The site administrator can now give administrative privileges to each user individually (on a page by page basis).  Or they can give full administrative rights to the entire site (not usually recommended).  In addition, SpinSite also allows for viewing privileges on a page by page basis.  For example, you can set it up so that a few pages are only viewable by a selected group of users (site administrators will be able to view all pages, so usually site admin rights are given sparingly).