Powerful and Easy to Use Features

Add incredible interactive features to your site--features that would

be impossible to make yourself with traditional software

(and that would cost you thousands of dollars to have produced for you)


The new photo album feature makes displaying your images easy!  Upload your pictures, and then add one or more photo albums to your site to display them.  Adding captions and sorting your photos is a snap!

Click on picture to the left to see the photo album in action.


There is no easier way to sell products on your site than with the online store feature.  Enter your product names, descriptions, and prices.  Upload pictures of your products, and drop your products on your pages.  "Add to Cart" buttons are automatically generated.


Add data collection forms to your pages and start collecting information from your site visitors.  You can collect any kind of information you want through fields and multiple choice (radio buttons or drop-downs).  The results can be e-mailed to you, and/or simply collected on your site so that you can import all of the information into a spreadsheet or database program.


Add a discussion forum page to your site, and start communicating with your site visitors.  You and your visitors can "watch" any topic or thread, so that when a new message is posted, an e-mail with post is sent out that contains the message, and a link to jump back into the conversation.


Blogs are the easiest way for site visitors to drop you a line.  They just enter their name, e-mail address and comment and hit the "Add Comment" button.  You can also use a blog as a "Comments" link under a block of text; in order to get feedback on items you post on your site.


Upload documents (word or .pdf files for example) or archive (.zip) files to your SpinSite website, and then add a download feature so that your site visitors can click to download these files to their own computer.


Add an FAQ page to your site, so that your site visitors can view your frequently asked questions by clicking them for the answer.  There is also a button that lets them ask their own question if they don't find it listed (and if the question might help others, you can add it as an faq when you answer it!)


The upload library is where your images are stored.  You can upload your own pictures, or import pictures from the artwork that comes with SpinSite.  The images from the library can be placed on your web pages, or added to your photo albums.


The SpinSite Text Editor is like any other word processor.  Choose "Add Content" from any area of your web page to bring up the text editor to add, edit, and format your text.


If you want to make a private website (that requires log-in to access) turn on Spintranet Security.  You can also allow non-members to register at your protected site, and an e-mail will be sent to you (the administrator) with the option of granting them access.


Want to track how many "hits" your site is getting?  Run the Site Statistics reports to determine site visits based on date ranges.


You can determine, for each page of your site, if that page is visible to everyone, or only certain registered users.  In addition, you can also make individual pages editable based on user login.