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Create a Web Site

6 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Website.

If you don't have a website, then you might not realize all the great things they can do for you. Maybe you think there wouldn't be any point to create a website, because your business is too small – or maybe you don't even have a business! Perhaps you think it'd be a lot of work create a website … for little reward. Or maybe you paid big bucks to create a website for a site back during the dot-com 'boom' days, only to get nothing but trouble out of it and shut it down a year later.  

Whatever your situation is, though, you need to create a website, and here’s why:

1. When you create a website  - People Will Look for You Online.

Sooner or later, someone's going to type your name into a search engine. What do you want them to find? Nothing? These are people who want to find you, and if you don't create a website then you're letting them down – they expect you to be online. For many people, you might as well not exist if you can't be found with a search engine. Not having a website is like not bothering to get listed in the phone book. Whether it's customers or old school friends you're hoping for, very few people are going to find you if you aren't online. When you create a website you will allow people to find you easily.

2. It’s easy to create a website as websites cost next to nothing.

Once, it cost a lot to run a website – but those days are long gone. There are many low-cost services out there that make easy to create a website. If you're sensible about the size of your pages, you can create a website very easily. If you don't want to pay for design, when you create a website it's never been simpler to do it yourself, or find free software to create a website for you. Really, it's never been cheaper to create a website than it is right now.

3. Websites are Great Advertising.

Whatever you're advertising – your services, your products, or just yourself – a website is a great way to do it. Every other kind of advertising going costs a premium, especially if you want to target a specific kind of person, and there's no guarantee that they're paying attention.  When you create a website it’s like having a brochure that is free to reproduce, to people who are already looking for your information. No advertising medium even comes close to the ease-of-use and effectiveness of a website.

4. When you create a website you establish a global presence.

When you create a website, it doesn't matter whether someone is next door to you or on the other side of the world – they can see your website just the same as anyone else can, at no extra cost to you or to them. Phone and postage both cost enormous amounts, but when you create a website it allows you send information anywhere without any extra effort or expense. When you create a website you can make friends and business contacts in places you've never been and will never go – suddenly, working globally is no more effort than working locally.

5. When you create a website, you can make money.

There's a lot of money on the web, and it's not hard to get some – the longer you're online for, the bigger your share can get. If you have something to sell, when you create a website you can sell it worldwide, thanks to credit cards. When you create a website you eliminate almost every overhead there is: all you need to do is have the goods. If you've written something useful, you can put it out there with a few ads.  When you create a website you won't get rich overnight, but you can set up a steady trickle of income... and when you create a website there's no limit to the number of trickles you can set up.

6. When you create a website  you can save time.

Giving out information takes time, whether it's on the phone, or in brochures, or even if it's just emailing your family. When you create a website you save you time. All your family and friends can read your online diary (known as a weblog), but you only need to write it once. When you create a website  customers can see your whole product catalogue without ever needing to talk to you or visit you. This is the power of the web: things on it are written only once, but can be downloaded endlessly – When you create a website a good website runs itself, and keeps being useful to people for much longer than you'd expect.

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