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Build a Website

When you decide to build a website, where do you begin? Should you hire a design firm to build a website for you? Will somebody build a ecommerce website for you? This is a great choice if you have a lot of money to spend, since even the most affordable design firms typically charge two to three thousand dollars to build a website (much more to build a ecommerce website), and then you will likely have to continue paying them to keep your website up-to-date. Should you enroll in a class that teaches the basics on how to build a website? To build a website from scratch involves learning the language of the web (HTML). It takes months, if not years, to become proficient in how to build a website from scratch (even more to build a ecommerce website), and the pages that you can produce will certainly lack the professional touch you were hoping for. Should you try to build a website with an easy-to-use software package that you install on your pc? Sorry to say, it's just not that easy. Even software packages that claim you can build a website easily, still only solve half the problem. They ease the 'build a website' process somewhat, but much of what you design on your screen ends up looking different or just plain wrong when it finally makes it to an actual web page. Most don't have the ability to build a ecommerce website.  After you build a website, where do you host it? How do set up your own domain name after you build a website (like  What if you want to build a ecommerce website, or build a business website?

So, what should you do? You should build a website online. SpinSite was designed to make it easy to build a website online (even to build a ecommerce website). Everything is done from your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) so you can instantly see exactly how your changes will look as you build a website online. You start the process to build a website online by selecting a look-and-feel theme (but don't worry, you can change the theme whenever you want). Each SpinSite theme is based on a system of menus and pages (easy to understand "buttons" to navigate around your website). As you build a website you will click the "add page" button, a new page link is automatically added to your website. As you build a website, you can also change the order of your pages, or move pages from one menu to another. Content is added to your SpinSite website with the SpinSite editor, which is as easy to use as any word processor. You can then add pictures to your pages that you can load from your local computer, or build a website using a variety of clip-art that comes with your SpinSite website.  You may also use images that you download from the internet.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to build a website, even to build a ecommerce website.

SpinSite makes it easy to build a website for personal use or to build a business website (even to build a ecommerce website). In addition to getting your website online instantly, SpinSite has a variety of powerful interactive features that would be impossible to create yourself (or very expensive to hire somebody to build a website for you). Add an interactive calendar as you build a business website, so that your site visitors can click on dates to see the list of events that they contain. As you build a website online you may want to create a guest book. Drop a photo album on your page, and upload your pictures from your digital camera. Build a ecommerce website to sell products. As you build a website, you'll add a fully interactive discussion forum, allowing you to build a business website in a few minutes. SpinSite also has some fantastic security features that you can use as you build a business website. You can make pages available only after users log-in, or even password protect your entire website. Click Here to take the SpinSite video tour to see how easy it really is to build a website online!

So, what does it cost to build a website (even to build a ecommerce website)? Build a business website with SpinSite for as low as $4.95 per month! Click here for a complete break-down of the three SpinSite packages: Starter, Express, and Platinum.  Each package allows you to build a ecommerce website as well.

Build a Ecommerce Website: What if I want to build a ecommerce website? SpinSite makes that easy too! Simply sign up for a Paypal account, add your products and descriptions, and start accepting credit card orders from your own online store! So what are you waiting for? Build a website online today!

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